Lewis Belcher has been performing magic since he was a child, when magic wasn’t cool and his audience was generally bemused rather than amazed.  Fortunately, he stuck with it, and is now one of the premier professional magicians in the South West. In 2015 he served as president of the Plymouth Magic Circle, and is well-respected by his peers.

His charm and manner are as much part of his act as the magic, and that’s what sets him apart from his contemporaries.

Lewis specialises in close-up magic, working tables and mingling with the crowds at wedding receptions, corporate events and private parties.  His tricks can involve coins, rings and cards, but also fire, hypnotism, mind reading and mentalism.  Adaptable and versatile, he’s at home in a business setting, a wedding reception, a Christmas party or a retirement dinner.  Your clients, family, customers or guests will be fascinated, entertained and delighted.

Lewis claims to be addicted to the buzz of performing close-up magic.  He loves the reactions from people, as he achieves the seemingly-impossible.  The reward of performing a complex trick is making people gasp or laugh, astounding even the sceptics.  That’s what keeps him practicing, learning new skills, mastering new tricks.  That’s the fascination and the challenge of performing close-up magic.

If you’ve never seen a live magician at work, you have to make an opportunity to watch Lewis.  And because every occasion is different, even if you’ve seen him before, you’ll see something new next time.